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Style a Select Box Using CSS

Recently while working on new design for cellbazaar mobile which will only load on smart phone, I found way to design select box only using text-indent and text-overflow. BTW -moz-appearance does not work in Firefox :(. So this implementation is … Continue reading

05. November 2013 by Zakir Hyder
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Retina displays High Resolution Background Image

Showing high resolution background image is quite easy. All you have to do give background size. First we have to position our background image for normal image. Suppose our normal image’s width and height is 250px and 123px respectively. Then … Continue reading

14. October 2013 by Zakir Hyder
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Styling File Inputs with CSS and the Dom

File inputs (input type=”file” ) do not look good on beautiful form/html design. But you can hide on your design and keep beautiful html design. Recently i had to devlop a site with out file inputs but user must be … Continue reading

05. April 2011 by Zakir Hyder
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