Setting Up Varnish Security Firewall

Varnish can add a extra layer of security as well as HTTP accelerator. is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) written using the Varnish Control Language (VCL) and a sprinkling of Varnish Modules (vmods). If you want to know how to install vmod go to

To install Varnish Security Firewall we need to install 4 different

If you varnish version is 3.x.x then use for libvmod-urlcode.

After you setup all 4 vmods then download the I am assuming you are following

git clone

So the path to VSF’s vcl is /root/varnish/VSF/vcl/. now symlink the vcl directory into /etc/varnish/security

cd /etc/varnish && ln -s /root/varnish/VSF/vcl security

then you edit your default.vcl and add this line near the top:

include "/etc/varnish/security/vsf.vcl";

after that restart varnish.

service varnish restart

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01. October 2014 by Zakir Hyder
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