How To Apply For Passport in Bangladesh

First of all – be patience.

Prepare following documents
1) 2 photocopies of National ID card
2) Or 2 photocopies of Birth Certificate
3) 2 copies of passport size photos
4) one person who can attest your photos, application and willing to give his/her phone number and his/her nation id in your application.
5) Police will ask for electricity bill so keep a copy of that also
6) If you live on rented house then make copy of National ID of the person whose name is on the electricity bill because Police will ask for it.
7)If you give profession as software engineer make sure you have your hon’s certificate – 2 photocopies.

Its better if you pay your fee first. Then you can finish all formalities of taking photo for passport in one day. Different branch of sonali bank is dedicated to take the fee. My branch was awlad hossain market. Make you you write you name in CAPITAL in the receipt. Also make sure you write the same name as you will give for your passport. Because the officer will check for that. He/she will not accept if both does not match.

Now go to Fill out all information “passport application – Stage 1”. In Stage 2, give correct mobile number and email address. Because police will call you. Make sure you are entering correct Receipt number. It is the number top left corner. Or you can ask which is the Receipt number when you are paying the fees at the Bank. An email will be sent with link. You can download download pdf. Print that out – TWO copies.

Now affix the photo on first page and write your name in Bangla on first page – in both copies. Now go to the person who will attest your from. Make sure attest over the photo on the first page and fourth page. On fourth page enter his/her address, phone number and passport/nation id. Now attest all of your photocopies. Sign on page 3.

Now you will affix the receipt you got from bank on first page of one of the copy. Affix it bellow the bar code. You need to affix it on one copy not both.

Now go to the passport office next day. I would suggest go to the office as early as possible. If possible go at 7:30 AM. They will let you in at 8:45 AM. after army person gives stamp on you from go directly 2nd floor room 301. After the officer gives ok to your forms and gives stamp – go to ground floor. Near the stair you will see two army person sitting – Show your forms. They will give another stamp. Now go to the 3rd floor. There is only one army person sitting. Show you forms and he will give you serial number. Wait for your number. When they will call that number, go to the room let them take you photograph and finger print. They will give you printed page. Now go home and wait for police to call.

When police calls, make sure you have the photocopy of your National ID & electricity bill ready. Keep his mobile number saved. Call the police officer after 1/2 days to make sure he sent the police report to Special Branch. Now go to Special Branch and get a receipt number from reception. Now take that number to passport office after launch . Go to 2nd floor/3rd floor. Ask someone to check you police report came or not. If not then show your receipt number. Then your number will be written in their ledger. Now all you have to do, is to go to passport office at date mention on the printed paper.

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