Things I Learn While Working with Mojolicious

To download image using UserAgent

use Mojo::UserAgent;
my $ua = Mojo::UserAgent->new;

To update all the rows using search

my $temp_my_saved_ads = $self->db->resultset('Favorite')->search({'user_id'=>$self->current_user->id});
$temp_my_saved_ads->update({temp_id => 'aaa'});

Using AS in DBIx::Class is tricky. If you use as in select then you wont get that in get_column(). you have to use AS

my $users = $self->db->resultset('User')->search({
    'items.status_id' => $live
    select => [' as id1', 'count( as num_ads1', ' as email1', ' as phone1'],
    as => ['id', 'num_ads', 'email', 'phone'],
    join => 'items',
    group_by =>[qw/],
    having => "count( > 4",
    rows => 1,
    order_by => { -asc => 'num_ads1' },

Now you can get id using get_column(‘id’).

To get access to request data of the current transaction, you can call the req method on the controller object via

my $request_object = $self->req;

To access POST data

my $name = $self->req->body_params->param('name'); 

To access multiple POST data with same name

my @names = $self->req->body_params->param('name');

To access GET data

my $name = $self->req->query_params->param('name'); 

To access multiple GET data with same name

my @names = $self->req->query_params->param('name');

Suppose you have a table name item_watch_lists. So you controller name would be MyApp::ItemWatchList . Now to Make the routing work you have to define routing like the following or you will get error like Class “MyApp::Itemwatchlist” is not a controller.

my $r = $self->routes;

You also have to create a folder ‘item_watch_list’ for views.

Different way to Loop through DBIx::Class object

my $items = $self->_app->db->resultset('Item')->search({
      published => { 
        between =>  [DateTime->today->subtract(days=> 21)->ymd, DateTime->today->subtract(days=> 20)->ymd]
      status_id => { '=', 6}
    select => [qw/ me.owner_id/],
    join => 'pictures',
    group_by =>[qw/ me.owner_id/],
    having => "count( < 2",
print Dumper $items->count; #it will work
foreach my $item ($items->all){
 print Dumper $item;

my @items = $self->_app->db->resultset('Item')->search({
   status_id => { '=', 6}
print Dumper $items->count; #it will not work
foreach my $item (@items){
 print Dumper $item;

DBIx::Class is wonderful tool but it takes time to get used to it. Here is sql I tried to do it in DBIx::Class. It took me whole day.

SELECT Item.RD, COUNT(Item.key ) AS value 
	SELECT DATE( date ) AS RD, me.key 
	FROM reports me WHERE ( ( ( date BETWEEN '2013-05-10 00:00:00+0600' AND '2013-05-11 00:00:00+0600' ) AND report_name_id = 1 ) ) 
	) Item

  my $rs = $self->db->resultset('Report')->search(
    report_name_id  =>  {'=', 1} ,
    date => {  -between => [$start, $end]   },
    select  =>  [{date => 'date', -as => 'RD' }, 'key'],
    group_by  => [qw/RD key/],

      select  =>  ['Item.RD', {count => 'Item.key', -as => 'value'}],
      from => [{'Item'=>$rs->as_query}] ,
      group_by  => [qw/Item.RD/],

Here I first built the inner query then I add that query to outer query by using as_query. You have to alias the inner query otherwise you will see “error in from must have an alias”.

use a configaration file while running morbo

morbo -l 'http://*:3002' ./script/bazaar

To get absolute url

my $self = shift;

Set page title from controller


in template

<title>[% h.title || 'CellBazaar &ndash; Market In Your Pocket' %]</title>

Change inactivity timer which is 15 secs by default


To force morbo to listen different port

morbo -l 'http://*:3001' ./script/awsomeapp

If you are using DBIx::Class then it will be great if you can see the SQL statements.

DBIC_TRACE=1 morbo ./script/awsomeapp 

Use Data::Dumper print out variables

use Data::Dumper; 
print Dumper($variable);

Or you can use $self->dumper

print $self->dumper($self->renderer);

in a template you can use

[% h.dumper(variable) %]

Locale::Maketext supports quantification so we can always get the correct sentence:

[% c.l('You have [quant,_1,unpublished ad,unpublished ads]. 
If you would like to publish the [numerate,_1,ad,ads], 
please check under "Ads" below.', new_items_count)%]

See here for other commands: (although quant and numerate is the most useful ones).

Another little tip for starting the dev server:

morbo ./script/awsomeapp -w ..

That will make it reload when you change files in the other modules

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