I hate Apple.. or anything that they do..

No I dont. I love apple and everything they do. I read this comment on friend’s photo. The comment is actually quite long.

i hate apple.. or anything that they do..
the beautiful essence of product differentiation comes from the fact that humans have differentiating choices.. while on vacation, one likes to be with mountains, another one likes to watch the setting sun from a sandy seashore.. somebody likes a pink dress; somebody else will give it away for free.. humankind is blessed n thankful to this difference of opinions among its children..
but apple thinks otherwise.. they discovered the fact that altho humans believe that they have differentiating demands, a major portion is stupid enough to fall for the same thing, IF you can price it indecently high, establish it as a status symbol, place it as far as possible from customization, limit the keypress option to just one, and manage to set the perception that everything is their innovation..
BITCH PLEASE, i can handle at least 40 keys that my cellphn offers; or i want my phone’s os to be customizable frm its firmware to everything, meaning EVERYTHING; i dont want a crappy software to dictate what i will copy to my phone; and innovation is an english word which can be meaningfully used by IBM, Nokia, Palm, HP, Cingular etc for gradually developing smartphone concepts at times when apple was crying aloud that microsoft is copying everything they do abt computers.. now they cry against samsung for ‘tap n zoom’ concept.. how lame is that!!
Can somebody just say to apple, “dont you f***ing cry anymore n make some new phones without copying your previous one.. and please stop putting i before every other names.. it kills me when you claim as an innovator, while you carry the same shit year after year..”

I always think you like something or you dont. I am no that kind of person that “You are either with me or against me”. To me “Hate” is quite strong. With my limited writing ability I tried to reply these .. ummm… points!?

My two cents – How many times you you have reinstall windows 98/xp/vista/7 to work smoothly. How many time you have defragment your hardisk to run faster windos. How many times you have to format your hard disk for viruses. I am running my MBP almost year. I did not have reinstall, defragment or have install any anti virus software. My office’s mac mini is running same OS for 2 year and let me tell that mini has been put so much that any other PC would just crashed. Currently that mini is running 3 weeks non stop and there is no lag on its performance. I am iOS application developer+web developer so I can assure you that. It just WORKS. It is the best OS around. BTW I used dos/98/xp/7 for 10 years so I know the pains.

Now for laptops – just check http://gizmodo.com/5939717/what-laptops-looked-like-before-and-after-the-macbook-air. When you are buying high end laptops you have pay high it is as simple as that. They are in it for Business. I think you know it more that I do as you BBA student. But are they ripping customer off – no. just a simple example a normal MBP give you 7 hours back up what other laptop company gives you that option for much less.

Now for phone – check this http://matthewklem.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/samsung_phones_before_after_iphone.jpg and http://ktechblog.com/wp-content/uploads/iphone-comp-02.jpeg. you can always jail break(same as root) iphone and reverting back to iOS is as simple as just updating the iPhone with itunes. For android the rooting phone is much complicated than jail breaking. you must remember we used write with “kalir kolom” then came the ball point pen. Same with touch screen – the technology was there but Apple use such way that makes sense. So they patented it now if you use it you have pay it to use it. If you dont want to then invent one -better one. Why copy? There some pad before iPad but can name any one of them? As app developer – I will be furious if any other programmer copy paste my design and sell it. I think you will be too. DO you know Eric Schmidt was on the board of director when iOS and iPhone was developing. Later he left and stated developing andriod. Where do you think that idea came from.

For High price, joto gur toto misti. I bought a samsung galaxy y just for test purposes and build android app. It stoped working when i updated from it settigns menu. I did not set up jelly bean or any thing. The phone’s touch it horrible. You can not use this phone as primary phone. Why you build it? Why you sell crappy products? No on earth can tell iPhone is crappy. Why BMW or mercedes cost more than toyota for staus symbol or better performance, style or just better in every aspect

Apple revolutionized computer world, music world(iTunes), mobile world(iPHone) – I dont know why would you hate it? try reading this http://www.amazon.com/Steve-Jobs-Walter-Isaacson/dp/1451648537. you find this on torrent also. You will learn so much about the Apple.

BTW see http://osxdaily.com/2012/08/06/nasa-mars-curiosity-with-macs-ipad/ if those scientists think Apple is good enough then I think its good enough for all of us.

Yes I know my reply is not bright. To my defense I was working 12 hours strait and it was 5AM in the morning :). Deep down I knew I will get a reply. Sure enough I did

@zakir hyder vai.. i was just wondering how poor my communication skills are.. i wrote thousand letters, just didnt write the single most important line ‘apple is no innovator nor innovator-friendly, but a good (probably the best) marketer only’.. i have no problem if apple does all the business keeping their dirty mouth shut abt innovations..

..abt virus (good one picked) – at my times, making virus was the most innovative thing that u can do with computers.. all the greatest ones (even agatha cristie or linus torvalds) made viruses.. i dont know what do u do with ur laptop with 7hr-backup.. but this time i am not forgetting the imp line ‘apple just made it dumb for you’.. made limited options available/customizable.. thats why a calculator doesnt get affected by viruses.. but a pc does.. you must know better that compared to APIs/SDKs available for pc os, such for mac-os is a laughing stock.. at system level, an x86 has far more user-accessible known instruction sets than a powerpc procerssor.. and lately apple had to hook up with ibm n intel for processors..

..abt performance – pc performance gets down, when u do something wrong.. recursive instructions, faulty memory page manipulation of an app or deleting system files or an old cooler can just crash you down.. but ‘ureka’, macbook is there.. u cant do anything wrong with it.. windows are closed.. its a plastic doll.. whereas you may have the pleasure of having a lego set using windows or linux.. i myself ran a 25k desktop for 2/3 days at a stretch, while coding a linear prog solver, until loadsheding put some rest on it.. as dull as it can be, hackers dont even bother to work with mac-os.. so, plz dont be shallow to talk abt performance of the os or cooler or battery, while we are trying hard to delete apple frm the list of innovators and innovation-friendlies.. i mean, how can u do something new, if u r not allowed to do mistakes?? i can name hundreds of pc-based os.. name another one for mac.. windows are closed, bro..

…abt price – this is just a marketing tool.. with high price (yet lot cheaper than macbook), you can buy a toshiba or dell or hp or sony notebook, which will give you 10hr backup and smooth performance.. so not crying to apple to price low.. but guess what will happen if they cut down iphone price by say 30%.. their sale will fall by 50% at least.. i can bet on it.. then it wont be a matter of status symbol, but just a phone, with which you cant even make a permanent group to send txts right away all the time.. what a crap!

…abt jail-break – really?! do you really think that rooting n jailbreak do same thing?? cant you sense the reality with just the name ‘jail break’?? iphone is a jail and you have to break it to do things like unlock for ur operators gsm freq, access file system, use non-apple apps, update ios etc.. funny but true (!), u can do all these things with any other smartphones frm the moment u hav it.. no jails, no breaking.. but rooting is deep.. u can change even the firmware by rooting.. with right firmware, u can even delete ur android and install windows on an arm-based device.. freedom is not so hard-earned here..

Touchscreen.. is invented by CERN and later gradually developed by other real innovation houses like hp, atari, sony n most importantly 3M.. apple were nowhere near the development of resistive, capacitative, acoustic or any kind of touchscreen.. its not even a living patent now, meaning everyone can use this technology free.. apple just grabbed the patent of some touch moves n screen materials s**king dirty di*k of us govt.. even us govt ruled that jail break is not illegal.. they must’ve felt so low that apple lobby cudnt block the rule..

…For the love of god, dont say that Eric schmidt developed android.. android is linux based os for embedded systems.. developed by thousands of passionate programmers.. eric just commercialized it n put a price tag on it.. coming frm apple what more u can expect.. but still there are thousands of ROMs of android developed n provided for free by linux-type system developers..

Yes, you have the right to be angry, if somebody steals ur works.. so, think how wht wud u feel if somebody steals n then claims money for what u or others developed but didnt commercialized?? Apple is doing that all the time.. image or motion picture or audio data compression technology are developed by independent groups (joint picture expert group, motion picture expert group, frunhoffer institute etc.).. apple uses these all.. but will claim money when you want to use any of their formats, altho using free algorithms.. funny but true!

You are comparing apple with bmw mercedez?!! Over the last century bmw brought abt major innovations for engines of aircrafts, 4 wheelers n 2 wheelers.. now, do they feel bossy abt it?? I guess no, never heard of any lawsuits.. i may be wrong..

If you think that a person doesnt have the right to hav a smartphone with just 10k tk, then plz tell samsung to make a single high cost model like galaxy s3.. i bet they will laugh at ur face.. and advise u to use an iphone rather than bossing abt low cost galaxy y.. i hav seen some ppl happily using it n recommending others to buy.. nobody is saying that iphone is a bad product.. but if you are so innovative, you must be having some more reaching ideas.. whats wrong then??

funny but unthinkable, wikileaks app is banned by apple.. are they f***ing crazy, when they call it ‘amazing iphone’? who the f**k they are to decide, whether i want wikileaks or not.. bd govt stopped youtube access temp and we go crazy.. coz i know that i can reasonably decide what is good for me and what is not.. no, apple is the best judge n as they says, wikileaks is bad! and here you are showing me nasa story n price quotations!!

I can go on and on.. but no good i can make.. because i believe, to a person, at the end of the day, it should come down to respecting oneself.. or someone can go down the road, ‘whatever apple says..”

Here is my reply

Viruses – Yes developing viruses it quite hard and need to know lot of knowledge about the system you want to infect. But think as a normal user or as writer(I believe there was an episode on SEX AND CITY where main character lose all the writing from her laptop by a virus then bought a Mac) or as accountant – do you really want to get infected and lose every file so that some one can get famous. ‘apple just made it dumb for you’ you have to remember out of all the users may be 10% is programmer. As a user you dont want to learn programming so that you can run a computer if this were the case then computers existence is flawed . I think I made my point. BTW if you want you can run windows in MBP’s too. OS X is unix based OS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OS_X. Apple started use intel processor from 2005 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple’s_transition_to_Intel_processors. almost a decade ago. About SDK/API you have no idea how much richer is the api/sdk for mac os/iOS than other platforms. I suggest you just try develop a demo app in andriod and same thing on iOS

laptop with 7hr-backup – I just gave 7hr-backup point as an example that when you are buying and MBP you are getting the top notch technology so that price will be higher than normal laptop. BTW when you are travelling and your website/app crashes for some bug you or a client want to see a demo, you will appreciate the battery life.

abt performance – I actually dont understand what is the point you are making. ” i can name hundreds of pc-based os.. name another one for mac.. windows are closed, bro..” I am totally confused about the line. I suggest you look into this page http://mashable.com/2012/09/22/iphone-5-galaxy-s-3/

jail-break – Do you need a functioning mobile or do you need an mobile to “operators gsm freq, access file system, use non-apple apps”.

Touchscreen – I mentioned this on my previous post yes apple did not invent this but can you tell me any phone that used it like apple before iphone came up. I bought a Sony Ericsson C902 – which is very good mobile phone. It had touch screen function – all I could do is just touch two buttons.

Galaxy Y – You misunderstood my point. BTW i bought it for 13500 TK. My problem is that it is not doing a good job as phone let a lone a smart phone. Why build a crappy product for less many. My coligue also bought a sony Ericsson phone for 500 more I could not remember the phone model which is far better phone than Galaxy Y. My point is why make crappy product. If build a better product people will pay extra. If i knew about that sony Ericsson phone i would buy it.

Let me give you example WordPress is free right? you download it and run it with free templates. But you can always find a better templates on themeforest ranging $10 – $100. I recently bought a photography template for $100. So should they sell their template for free as they are using WordPress’s design layout to make their templates?

As for rest your comment I think I am not the best person to answers but I would suggest to buy ttp://www.amazon.com/Steve-Jobs-Walter-Isaacson/dp/1451648537 you will know how apple change the worle or “Make Dent On Universe“. BTW this book is not all about parsing Steve Jobs .

I will research more about you comments and I will try to give a better explanations. Right now I have three projects. Deadline coming fast

I would suggest all my reader to add more comment to this post both about Apple and against Apple. May be we will learn something together.

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